Becoming a Data Hero: How My MSBA is Shaping My Journey and Beyond

Practicum projects, data analytics, and networking led me to UC Davis

Working as a business analyst in Mu Sigma and EXL, two top data analytical firms, I have interacted with millions of data points and created meaning out of them. The more I interacted with clients with each new project, my desire to learn more tools and technologies to solve modern business problems grew.  

That is when I decided to join a graduate program and swim deeper into the vast ocean of analytics.  

Mrimon "Nemo" Guha vlogs about his first week of the MSBA program at UC Davis.  

Deciding on UC Davis 

When I look back a year ago, I realize that the most important decision in pursuing a master’s is to choose the graduate school with the right fit. I consider myself lucky that I got many insights from UC Davis MSBA alumni, who are employed at Fortune 500 companies.  

UC Davis and the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program is also at the top of the charts across different university and program rankings. The MSBA curriculum has a perfect balance of business foundations and technical aspects such as statistics and machine learning which are crucial to solving complex problems of today and the future. These factors cemented UC Davis as my dream school. 

San Francisco: The City of Dreams, Diversity and Data 

I was ecstatic when I received my admission letter from UC Davis and was extremely excited about the MSBA program’s location in San Francisco. The Bay Area is the birthplace of innovation and revolution using data. It is also one of the most diverse places in the world. Adding to the attraction, San Francisco, or The City, is also home to many beaches, parks, restaurants, diverse cultures and many dreamers like me. 

Mrimon "Nemo" Guha with his cohort at the beach
Mrimon "Nemo" Guha MSBA joined his MSBA cohort for Beach Day for swimming, making sandcastles.

Our world-renowned faculty are helping me expand my analytical boundaries and every day, I am learning a new concept.  

Despite being 7,000 miles from home in India, I've never felt homesick thanks to the supportive UC Davis management team and our diverse cohort from 11 countries. 

Apart from academics, the fun activities (such as beach day, potluck, bingo, jeopardy, etc.) have created lifetime memories. 

The road ahead is full of exciting chapters- practicum, advanced statistics, and networking events. I hope to grow and reach my full potential as an aspiring data hero. 

I’m looking forward to developing my analytical skills with upcoming practicum experiences, and joining a company that believes in the power of data as passionately as I do.