Finding a Passion for Accounting

Undergrad accounting courses at UC Davis paid dividends

My undergraduate experience at UC Davis was a confusing time. I didn’t know who I was or who I wanted to be, but I knew that I was in the right place. Through my courses, I discovered that I had an interest in accounting. What drew me in was that accounting is a dynamic field, with so much opportunity both internal and external to the field.

Pursuing accounting as an undergraduate at a research-centered university was definitely a challenge. I had to be proactive in my professional development. I interned, joined clubs, and attended professional workshops, but something was still missing.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to go to UC Davis not once, but twice.

My Realization

I didn’t realize what this “thing” was until I attended an information session for the UC Davis Master of Professional Accountancy program offered by the nationally ranked Graduate School of Management.

Amanda with her UC Davis MPAc classmates.

I expected the same recruitment speech I had heard time and time again, but I walked away with a realization that this program would support me in achieving my career goals. A realization that it would help shape me professionally and prepare me for a career with high demand for new graduates. A realization that I could have a community that lifts me up. So, I applied!

The program administrators stood by me through the entire application process. I met with Assistant Director Alex Minnis so often that it felt like I became a permanent fixture in her office. I visited classes and was welcomed by faculty with such open arms that I knew MPAc was right for me.

When I found out that I had been accepted into UC Davis a second time, I literally jumped in the middle of the coffee shop I was in. Everyone stared, but I didn’t care. I got in! 

Mastering Accounting

The MPAc experience started immediately. The program’s professional boot camp, career fair, and challenging curriculum kept me focused yet left time for enjoying Davis and making new friends.

Sure, the program is challenging during recruiting and exam season, but the staff and students band together to help each other. It’s a very collaborative learning environment, a community so incredible that I consider them family.

I’m looking forward to taking the CPA exam and starting my career in September. Through MPAc I was offered a position at PricewaterhouseCoopers only a month after the school year began.

If you’re searching for an exciting curriculum and tight-knit community where you will be truly prepared for a rewarding career in accounting, I highly recommend you consider the UC Davis Master of Professional Accountancy program.

MPAc gave me the tools to succeed and the program can do that for you as well!