One Commute, Many Options: Commuting Between Davis and the Bay Area

I know many students actually commute from the Bay Area to Davis back and forth during their MBA experience, whether it’s on weekends, a couple days a week, or even everyday!

If you’re wondering if it’s possible, that answer is: YES! I will now share some tips on making that commute easier – and even fun – getting you back and forth from Davis to the Bay Area.​

My life is like a cassette: A-side is school life in Davis during the weekdays; B-side is family in the Bay Area for weekends. Let me share my and some other commuters’ experience in doing so.

At first I usually traveled by train, my classmates Jessie and Sevil used to be my train-mates. We studied on train and shared 10-ride tickets. The railroad chugs around bay shore, so we always get to appreciate the amazing views. Jessie usually rode her bike to Amtrak Station and locked it there until she came back; I usually drove my car and parked at Amtrak for free (if you can show Amtrak staff you have ticket upon returning to Davis). But I felt dizzy when studying on the train, and it would be time consuming and expensive, so I usually drive alone or carpool now.

Driving alone is like having my own little universe for a while. I can listen to music and sing a long (quite loudly). My classmates often prefer to listen to Wall Street Journals and audio books while driving alone. At first, the 1.5 hours were a long and boring trip, but after a while of getting accustomed to the commute, I now totally enjoy this time.

Carpooling is smart if you live close enough to a friend. There is carpool lane at some heavy traffic points on 680. You will say “thank you” to your friends when you are able to drive in carpool lane past the miserable single drivers sitting in heavy traffic. If you need a carpool buddy, just ask! You know I am in.