Student Spotlight: Kalina Springer MBA 21

Full-Time MBA

"One of my favorite things about UC Davis and the GSM and why I decided to come here was because of the pillars of collaboration and the clubs and all of the student engagement and everybody's commitment to socializing and being a support system for one another."

What leadership activities are you involved in?

My three leadership roles at the GSM are as the Director of Alumni Relations for our Associated Students of Management, as the Co-President of the Net Impact Club and as the Vice President of the Women in Leadership Club. And some things that we are doing to stay engaged with the student body include a newsletter that we will be sending out with personal blogs written from the leaders of the Food and Wine Leadership Club as well as the Net Impact Club about ways that you can engage in your community and impacts that you can have or things that you can do to stay busy during this time.

Where will you be interning this summer?

I will be interning this summer at Intel as a Technology Change Management Intern in NSG.

Which professor has stood out to you while learning online?

For me, it's been really inspiring seeing people facilitate a Zoom session in a way where everyone's having fun and being engaged and participating. One of our professors, Stephen Garcia who is our professor for Individual and Group Dynamics, he's a really silly guy. And it's really nice to see that because it brings out the silliness in other people and then we're able to engage in a way that we would if we were in the classroom.

What advice do you have for students?

You know, we have to all give ourselves a little bit of patience and grace in figuring this all out and at the same time the flip side of that is being really professional, being present, being intentional about how you show up in class because that'll help you and it'll make it a better experience for everyone.