New Student Checklist

Congratulations! You are now officially a member of UC Davis Graduate School of Management family. Feel free to reach out to Student Success at 530-531-8755 or email if you have any questions or concerns. Remember that we are here to assist you as you move forward in the program and want to make sure you feel prepared as you get started.

You will need to complete the following steps before you begin classes. Select each step to view further instructions.

1. Schedule Welcome Call

Your Admissions Counselor will send you an email introducing you to your Student Success Advisor. Please schedule a call with your advisor to discuss your goals and preparation for the program, and student success planning expectations. You will have a designated Student Success Advisor throughout the program to assist with academic planning and goal setting

2. Set Up Your Computing Account and UC Davis Email

Once you have signed your Declaration of Intent and paid your enrollment deposit, set up your Computing Account and UC Davis email. If you are having issues with setting up either account, please contact IT Express. Additional Davis mail help can be found here.

3. Submit Official Transcripts

If you have not already submitted official transcripts during the application process, please order them at this time. As a reminder, official transcripts are required from ALL college-level academic institutions where you have received credit. In order to be considered official, the transcript should be sent directly from your academic institution or be an unopened, sealed copy. Transcripts should include degree conferral information or a Degree Conferral letter if not listed on the transcript. If your transcripts or academic records are in a language other than English, BOTH the original language documents *and* English translations must be submitted. Any of the following translation resources are acceptable: 1) the college or university which has issued the documents, 2) a WESIERF, or ECE evaluation, or 3) a government-certified translator.

Transcripts may be sent electronically to or by mail to the MBA@UCDavis Admissions Office.

Please note the following two addresses.

If sending information via USPS, use the following address:

University of California, Davis
Application Processing Center
P.O. Box 30096 020-001
College Station, TX 77842

If sending transcripts via FedEx, UPS, DHL use the following address (generally for international transcripts as well):

University of California, Davis
Application Processing Center
211 Quality Circle
Box 020-001
College Station, TX 77845

4. Submit your Immunization Forms

All UC Davis students are required to submit their immunization health records and meet the TB risk screening requirements to maintain registered student status. Failure to submit records will result in a registration hold placed on your account and will impact your ability to register for courses in the following quarter. You can submit your records and receive assistance on the Student Health and Counseling Services website (step-by-step instructions here). Please visit the Health e-Messaging website to submit your immunization records. 

5. Complete the Sexual Assault Prevention Training (SAP)

UC Davis requires all incoming students to complete mandatory sexual assault prevention training (SAP) within the first six weeks of beginning classes at UC Davis. Failure to complete the online training will result in a registration hold placed on your account and will impact your ability to register for courses. You can email the HDAPP team at with any questions.

6. Register for Classes

Once you have created your Computing Account, please allow two business days to pass before attempting to access RaPS (the GSM’s registration system) You can find the registration instructions on the GSM website

7. Complete the “Student Success Course” in Digital Campus

Digital Campus is your online learning platform.  Please complete the Student Success course to learn more about UC Davis, the Graduate School of Management, the online program and how to navigate the platform. This course is required to complete prior to the start of class.

8. Attend the New Student Onboarding Hosted by the GSM on Zoom

You will be required to attend a new student onboarding that will take place over the course of two evenings. Your Admissions Counselor and Student Success Advisor will communicate the dates so please make sure to mark your calendar. During the onboarding, you will have a chance to meet members of the faculty, staff, and your cohort. The evenings will include additional events such as case studies, faculty/student panels, and other academic sessions.

9. Ensure Your Technology Is Fully Set Up

As a student in an online program, technology will be a vital factor in your success. You will need the following prior to live sessions:

  • Computer with a webcam (see “Program Technical Requirements” below for specific tech specifications).
  • Consistent, quiet location to attend live sessions.
  • Strong, reliable internet access.
  • Ethernet cord to hardwire to your internet router.
  • Headset with a noise-canceling microphone.
  • Download Firefox and Chrome.
  • Log in to Digital Campus prior to attempting to attend a live session.
  • Download all prompted software prior to live sessions (e.g., Flash, Zoom, etc.).

Helpful Document: Program Technical Requirements (PDF)

10. Finalize Funding Plan

Please review the Tuition and Financial Aid FAQ. 

  • Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): You can send an email to if you have specific questions that are not answered in the FAQ. Please be sure to include: your full name, student identification number, and program (online MBA).
  • Deferred Tuition Plan (DTP): The Deferred Tuition Program (DTP) is a student-friendly payment model that helps universities and colleges make their high-quality programs more affordable. To bring this benefit to our students, UC Davis is partnering with EdAid, a platform that specializes in powering affordable ways to finance education via income-based payments. Please refer to their website for more information. Students must apply before their first day of live sessions in order to utilize this benefit. You should have received an email when you paid your deposit to apply to the program.
  • Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) - Students or their authorized users can self-enroll in DPP at MyBill. Only students who owe at least $150 in tuition and qualifying fees after all discounts, financial aid and other credits have been applied to their account can choose to defer payment. A non-refundable application fee applies to participate in DPP. 
  • Employer Support - An outside agency could be a public or private sector sponsor including: military agency, educational institution, and international embassy. Agency payments made directly to a student, or reimbursements to a student, are not considered third-party agreements. Student Accounting prepares and sends bills for tuition and fees, maintains agency and graduate student third-party accounts, and handles all correspondence regarding third-party agreements. 
  • Veterans Success Center - The Veterans Success Center (VSC) at UC Davis is committed to providing services to student veterans, service members and dependents of the Armed Services with a welcoming space, career staff and peer advising, guidance with educational benefits, and engagement opportunities that span the University and the larger Davis community. Contact VSC via email: or Phone: 530-752-2020

11. Waive SHIP Health Insurance (if applicable)

All UC Davis students are required to have health insurance. You are automatically enrolled and charged for UC Student Health Insurance Plan unless you waive out of it. You can read more about the UC SHIP dates and costs on the Student Health and Counseling Services website.

If you intend to waive UC SHIP and its associated costs, please ensure you meet the required criteria. Read about the waiver process and criteria on the Waiver Information website. Please note that if you intend to waive UC SHIP, you will need to have your Computing Account set up to log into the online waiver application.

All students who wish to waive coverage are required to complete a form at the beginning of each academic year. Please make sure you submit the waiver before the published deadline. If you are unable to submit your online waiver by the published deadline, you may complete a PDF waiver and email your completed waiver to

12. Register with Student Disability Center (if applicable)

The Student Disability Center (SDC) is the campus unit designated to receive requests for accommodation, approve services, and coordinate support for students with disabilities to create equitable access to the University’s educational programs. Through an interactive process, the student and SDC Specialist discuss the student’s current documented functional limitations and request for services within the context of courses requirements. Occasionally, instructors are consulted to discuss proposed accommodations do not represent a fundamental alteration to a course or program. Once reasonable and appropriate accommodations are identified and approved by the SDC Specialist, an official Letter of Accommodation is written on behalf of the student.

  • Student requests for accommodation(s) are considered on an individual, case-by-case basis and may be reviewed on a class-by-class basis.
  • Please note that once services are established, students request accommodations for each quarter for each class through the SDC portal. It can take up to two weeks to put some accommodations into place so please plan ahead. More on determining eligibility & requesting initial accommodations.

13. Student AggieCard

Your Student AggieCard is your official UC Davis identification; giving you access to the many available products, services, resources, and benefits available to you as a UC Davis Student. Review the requirements and complete the process to receive your AggieCard via mail.