Donald A. Palmer

Donald A. Palmer

Research Expertise: Organizational behavior, role of power and politics in corporate decision making and causes of organizational wrongdoing

Consulting: Community health needs assessments, group decision-making facilitation

Professor Donald Palmer is engaged in a series of studies in the area of corporate crime, ethics and social responsibility. His research examines why otherwise law-abiding, ethical and socially responsible people participate in wrongful courses of behavior; in particular, why such individuals join wrongful courses of action that are initiated by others. His conclusions are based on an understanding of basic psychological and social psychological processes that shape human behavior. Palmer has also embarked on a study of the academic field of organization studies.

Palmer brings his research findings to the classroom to apply them to problems of working with and managing others in organizations. In recent years, Palmer has presented his research at the University of Alberta, Simon Fraser University, New York University, Harvard University, Boston College and the University of California (Irvine and Berkeley campuses). He has served as Distinguished Visiting Scholar at INSEAD in France. Palmer served as the editor of Administrative Science Quarterly from 2002-08. He formerly coordinated the UC Davis Study of California Women Business Leaders, an annual study of women’s participation in management and on the board of the 400 largest California corporations.

Palmer earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in sociology from State University of New York. He received his B.S. in molecular biology from University of Wisconsin, Madison.