Becoming a Trusted Leader

Studies have shown over and over that trust is a key contributor to leadership success. Being able to inspire the trust of your team is critical to any leader’s career success.

About Becoming a Trusted Leader

This program has been designed to introduce you to the topic of leader trustworthiness.  Using exercises, videos, and case studies the program will help you to understand:

  • Why being trusted is essential to leadership effectiveness
  • How your current trust relationships reveal your individual propensities for building specific types of trust (e.g., competence-based trust vs. contractual-based trust)
  • How you can demonstrate trustworthiness as a successful leader
  • How you may be undermining your own trustworthiness through behavior and communication

The workshop uses Roger Mayer’s well-known model of trustworthiness that is based on the constructs of integrity, competence, and benevolence, as well as the facilitator’s extensive experience researching trustworthiness among business leaders.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals who, at least occasionally, lead teams, groups, or other individuals toward a common goal
  • Individuals who lead volunteer efforts
  • Individuals who serve as the public face of a team, group, or organization
  • Individuals who lead creative collaborations

Learning Objectives & Program Benefits

Becoming a trusted leader has a number of tangible and immediate benefits:

  • Improved creative collaboration and innovation
  • Enhanced learning and knowledge generation in teams
  • Better group decision making
  • Stress reduction for both leaders and followers

In addition, being a trusted leader has a number of less tangible and longer-term benefits, such as enhancing the general reputation of organizations and groups being led and the ability for these groups and organizations to rebound from setbacks.