Registration Instructions for Full-Time MBA

Fall 2021


The GSM has its own registration system. GSM students do not use SISWEB/Schedule Builder to register for classes. You will access two different systems for registration and payment.

  1. RaPS (Registration and Processing System) for registration (add/drops)
  2. MyBill for payment

On this page, you will find information regarding registration, cross-registration, important dates and deadlines, core course details, grades, independent study courses, curriculum concentrations and much more.

Below are the instructions for registering for GSM courses. Please contact your program manager with any registration questions.

Important Tips for Using RaPS (Read before proceeding)

  • Registration and all GSM adds/drops/course changes processes in RaPS (and are forwarded electronically to campus systems).
  • In RaPS Manage Schedule, required courses are pre-loaded to your schedule. You must click Register to process the registration action in the system. A course appearing on the schedule does not mean a student is enrolled.
  • Mobile Devices: Do not use mobile devices to process RaPS registration or MyBill payments.
  • Dropping Classes: Students cannot drop their last class. If you need to drop your last class, contact your program manager directly.
  • Student Directory: You will receive an automated prompt allowing you to update your directory one week prior to your registration group being open. Please confirm the information in the directory before proceeding to registration.

Registration and Processing System (RaPS) Actions

Registration Dates and Deadlines

August 11: Reg 1 Opens (Fall 2020 entering students or prior)
August 13: Reg 2 Opens (Fall 2021 entering students)

Registration in RaPS transmits to the campus system on an hourly basis during these times:

  • Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.

Any registration submitted outside of these times are date/time stamped and submitted as soon as the campus system re-opens. Students are enrolled in courses based on the date/time stamp. Expect to receive an automated enrollment confirmation email within 24 hours of registering.

August 22: Student Bills Available on MyBill

September 1: SHIP Waiver Deadline

If you have your own health insurance and do not want to be enrolled in SHIP, you must submit a SHIP waiver by September 1. Waiver applications need to be submitted each academic year. Get more information here.

September 3: Independent or Group Study Forms Due

For more information click here or refer to the email from the Graduate Advisor.

September 15: Student Fee Payment Deadline

Student can access their bill and pay through MyBill.

Financial Aid Funding for course fees: Financial aid funds will be reflected in MyBill prior to fees being due (see this link for actual date). If financial aid does not disburse as anticipated or you have other questions about your financial aid, please contact Paulina Risse at

Deferred Payment Plan: Only students who have enrolled in the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) through MyBill may pay on the 15th of each month in installments. All other students are expected to pay in full by the Fee Payment Deadline.

September 15–18: Registration Freeze 

No registration actions (add/drop) are processed during the freeze that starts on March 15-18 at midnight and will end on March 18 at 6 a.m.

The freeze goes into effect on the Student Fee Payment Deadline (see above) to allow payments to be properly applied to the student account balance due.

September 18, 6 a.m.: RaPS opens for course changes 

September 19, at 11:59 p.m.: Initial Registration Closes

September 20: Cross Registration Requests Confirmed

Students select cross-registration courses during the initial registration period. Processing cross-registration enrollment begins the day after initial registration closes. You will receive an emailed enrollment confirmation if you are added to the course. See detailed Cross Registration Instructions in the Cross Registration section.

September 20, by 11:59 a.m.: Unit totals increase to 16 units

Unit totals are limited to 16 units through the initial registration deadline.

September 22: Instruction Begins

October 4: Final Add/Drop Deadline for Quarter

All classes, regardless of start date, must be added or dropped by this deadline.

Note: Due to the design of the course, some instructors will not allow students to add after the first class meeting. Please contact the instructor for permission prior to adding the course.

December 6-10: Final Exams

You are expected to attend courses through the end of finals, including all final exams at their posted times.

December 24: Grades Available

Registration Process

Students are enrolled in courses based on the date/time stamp of their registration (when the student clicks the Register button in RaPS). Within 24 hours of registration, students receive an automated enrollment confirmation email. If a confirmation email is not received within 24 hours, return to RaPS, Manage Schedule and check your status in the Enrollment Status column. Click on the link that is in the Enrollment Status column to find out the status of your enrollment. Do not verify enrollment in Canvas.

All GSM registration activity (add/drop) must be done directly in RaPS, not SISWEB/Schedule Builder. By entering registration changes directly into SISWEB/Schedule Builder, students will automatically trigger a registration freeze on their account. It may take up to 72 hours to resolve the conflict created by this freeze in both systems.

1. Login

Use your UC Davis Login ID and (Kerberos) passphrase.

NOTE: Do not use a mobile device when accessing RaPS, as it is not mobile-optimized.

2. Student Directory

During fall registration when you enter the registration system, you will be asked to update your Student Directory information. Your student directory must be updated in order to proceed with registration. Please update your address to your current address while attending UC Davis.

If you experience difficulty in continuing to the next registration step (the directory prompt reappears), log out of RaPS and clear your browser history. Login to RaPS again and proceed to Manage Schedule.

3. Manage Schedule

Required courses are pre-loaded in Manage Schedule.
Click Register for Courses. (If Register for Courses is not clicked, registration does not process and you are not enrolled.)

Required Courses for Fall 2020 Entering Students

  • 440–001: Integrated Management Project
    • Students will be able to enroll in up to 16 units after initial registration closes, beginning September 7.
    • Students will register for section 001 of 440 (6 units) and will be moved to the appropriate section after teams/projects have been assigned by the Director of Corporate Relations and Impact Projects. Teams/projects will be assigned in September.

Required Courses Fall 2021 Entering Students

  • 400A Financial Accounting (First 5 week Session)
  • 403A Data Analysis for Managers
  • 405 Financial Theory and Policy (Second 5 Week Session)
  • 401A Individual and Group Dynamics

Core Course Waivers

All MBA students are required to complete core courses during their matriculation at the GSM. Under specific guidelines, you can waive (or test) out of these courses. If you waive/test out of a course, you must replace those units with an elective course. The GSM registrar can provide appropriate elective course options as not all electives are open to first-year, first-quarter students. If you waive out of a core course, you may drop it in September.


Adding a Course

In RaPS, add an additional course in Manage Schedule and proceed to Add to My Schedule, then Register.

Dropping a Course

In RaPS, remove the course from Manage Schedule by clicking the red X. Within 24 hours of submitting the drop, students receive an automated confirmation email. Please note that students cannot drop their last class. This request needs to be sent directly to the GSM Registrar with an explanation.

Adding/Dropping AFTER the Add/Drop Deadline

RaPS does not process add/drop requests after the add/drop deadline has passed. Any class change request after the deadline needs to be sent directly to the GSM Registrar. Late adds/drops are considered an exception and will have to be reviewed. 

MyBill Student Bill Overview

August 22: Student Bills available in MyBill
September 15: Student Fee Payment Deadline

UC Davis assesses fees generally one month prior to the term’s payment deadline and then on a nightly basis. Fees are not assessed immediately upon enrollment.

After enrolling in courses and fees have been assessed, students can view their account balance using MyBill. MyBill account balances and activity are updated in real-time throughout the day. For the most accurate information, always refer to your MyBill account activity.

Please note that the MyBill statement is a static, monthly statement; it is only issued on the 22nd day of each month. If you enroll in courses after the initial registration deadline, fees will not show up on your MyBill statement, however, you are still responsible for meeting the GSM's payment deadline. UC Davis does not issue payment reminders.

Refunds are processed by the Student Accounting Office. Questions should be directed to Student Accounting.

Registration Groups Defined

Registration groups are designated to allow students with higher unit totals (and closer to completing their degree) to enroll in courses first. Additional registration groups will follow in descending order of unit totals. All students are notified by email before registration starts the date they are eligible to register. All registration group dates are listed in the registration instructions of each program, respectively.

Group Definition Full-Time

Reg1 Students who entered in Fall 2020 or earlier
Reg2 Students who entered in Fall 2021

If a student in Reg1 fails to register before Reg2 starts registration, they do not receive any “priority” status. All enrollments are based on the date stamp of registration in RaPS.

If you require a particular class or section, we encourage you to register on the first day your registration group is open for the best chance at getting their choice. Be aware this strategy does not work in every instance based on demand.

Enrollment Adjustments, Including Wait Lists


When a class is fully enrolled, RaPS immediately starts a waitlist.

A student will be automatically enrolled in the course if (when) space becomes available. Your place on the waitlist is based on the date/time stamp of your registration. The waitlist ends officially on the last day to add/drop for the quarter (regardless of when the first class meeting is).

Class Attendance if Wait Listed

A wait-listed student may attend the first class meeting and inform the instructor of their status. If there is a seat in the classroom, the instructor has the discretion to allow the student to remain for the first class meeting.  A wait-listed student should not take a seat from a fully enrolled student if seating is limited.

The instructor cannot change your place on the waitlist.

Once initial registration closes, course enrollments and waitlists are reviewed by the GSM administration. That review is guided by set GSM course enrollment guidelines. For elective courses, the maximum enrollments are based on the number of seats in the assigned classroom or a maximum of 60, whichever is lower of the two. Faculty members may also set a lower enrollment cap for their class based on pedagogical reasons. After initial registration closes, any adjustments that can be made (e.g., changing room assignments) will be done in an effort to move as many students into their preferred courses as possible.

NON-GSM UNITS: Adding Units to RaPS Schedule and the Registration Process

Please review the Policies and Procedures section 7.6 regarding taking non-GSM units. 

Students must follow these steps to enroll in a non-GSM course.

  1. In RaPS, Manage Schedule, click on the button at the bottom of the page Add Non-GSM Course. This is NOT a list of non-GSM courses available to MBA students, but only a placeholder in RaPS to process the outside enrollment accurately. Enter the number of units for the non-GSM course into RaPS and proceed with finalizing registration.
  2. After 24 hours, your total unit count for the quarter will be reflected in SISWEB/Schedule Builder. Log in to Schedule Builder and use the CRN for the non-GSM course and enroll yourself in that system. NOTE:  If you attempt to enroll in Schedule Builder prior to adding the non-GSM course to RaPS, you will receive the following error message: Maximum Units Exceeded and you will be prevented from adding the non-GSM course.
  3.  Non-GSM units (or courses taken outside the GSM at UC Davis) do not appear in the RaPS Student Advisor tab that lists your coursework. The information in RaPS is limited to GSM course offerings/units/grades only. If you have taken a non-GSM course, you will need to review information on units/grades in SISWEB.

Student Directory Update

A review/update is required annually during the fall quarter prior to registration. If you have updated the Directory for the quarter and the system asks that you update it again (rather than allowing you to enter RaPS), delete your browser history and login to RaPS again. This should allow you to proceed with registration.

Cross Registration

Cross Registration Overview 

Students may select cross-registration courses during the initial registration period.

In RaPS, select courses in Manage Schedule and Register for Courses. Cross-registration does not process until after the initial registration period closes.

Cross Registration Dates and Deadlines

  • August 19: Initial registration closes
  • August 20: Cross-registration processes (to MGB, MGP courses) 
  • August 30: Cross-registration processes (to MGV courses)

NOTE: Home location students receive priority and when initial registration closes, there must be a space available in the course.

Cross Registration Policies and Procedures

All students can take up to a total of 16 units of cross-registration course during their matriculation at the GSM. Not all courses are taught in all locations and students are advised to make cross registration requests judiciously with this in mind. You must have completed (or be in the process of completing) a minimum of five core courses before you can cross-register into another program.

Cross Registration Procedures

Cross-registration into ELECTIVE courses does not require approval. Students can add the course themselves in RaPS. The student will be enrolled in the course when cross-registration processes if there is room in the course.

Cross-registration into CORE courses does require approval as students are required to take core courses with their cohort. Students must request an exception from the Graduate Advisor. If approved, the GSM Registrar will add the course and the student will be enrolled when cross-registration processes if there is room in the course.

What to Expect After You Are Enrolled

Sacramento MBA Program Course Information

Course materials and parking are your responsibility. Textbooks are available through the UC Davis Bookstore.

Directions (including parking information) to the UC Davis-Sacramento Education Building

Key Card Information for the UC Davis-Sacramento Education Building

You will need your access/card badge to enter the Education Building and the GSM office after hours. These keycards function as your ID badge and are required because the building is part of a medical campus. Once your cross registration enrollment is confirmed, the GSM administration will have a security badge created for you. You will be contacted by the Sacramento instructional and operations manager, when your card is ready to be picked up. This process can take up to two weeks.

Information returned from the instructor will be available at the GSM office at the Sacramento Education Building. Students only have a mailbox at their home campus.

Bay Area Program Information

Do not purchase course materials. If you do purchase textbooks yourself, you will NOT be reimbursed.

Required textbooks, meals, refreshments and parking are included with your course fee. Optional textbooks are not included. 

Returned assignments will be available at the Bishop Ranch front desk. Students will only have a mailbox at their home campus.

Returning Textbooks after Dropping a Course

  1. Your course fees cover your textbooks for enrolled courses only. If you drop a course you need to return all textbooks in mint condition or you will be charged for the replacement cost of the book.
  2. To return unused textbooks, contact Sergio Esquerre.
Bishop Ranch Directions and Parking

There is no cost for parking at Bishop Ranch 15, and a permit is not required.

Bishop Ranch Access

Access to Bishop Ranch uses the Lenel OnGuard system. This is a mobile system that will require you to use the cell phone app called HID Mobile Access. Reach out to your Program Manager if you have questions about the Lenel OnGuard system and Aggie Access.

Additional Resources

GSM Academic Calendar (including Holidays)

The current calendar is available in RaPS. Go to RAPS, login and select Academic Calendar tab

Courses, Numbering and Concentrations

For a current listing of courses offered, use RaPS. Links to curriculum and concentration information can be found on the bottom left of the schedule page.

Courses and Concentrations

If you have questions about an individual course, please check the course syllabus and/or contact the instructor directly.

If you have questions about the applicability of a certain course to your goals, please contact MBA Academic Advisor, Professor Joe Chen.

Course Numbering

In the 290 series (291, 292, etc.), courses appear as “Topics in….” with a subject listed (Marketing, Finance, etc.).

In the 490 series, courses appear as “Dir Grp Mgmt Prac” (Directed Group Management Practicum).

Independent/Group Study, Enrollment and Grade Info

INDEPENDENT or GROUP STUDY (298, 299, 498, 499 Courses)
Complete the Independent Study Form, have the sponsoring faculty member and the GSM Graduate Advisor sign it and submit it at least three weeks prior to the start of the quarter. We must request a CRN from the Office of the University Registrar which will take several days to receive.

Group study students need to submit all forms as one packet complete with all signatures for the entire group. Do not submit forms individually for a group study project. Reference the Registration Instructions for the deadline.

These course titles appear as “Directed Independent Study” or “Directed Group Study.”

  • Enrollment
    • Not Enrolling this Quarter - Filing Non-Registration Forms
    • Enrolling in Fewer than 6 Units - What you need to know
  • Grades
    • Availability
    • Grade and Registration Letter for Reimbursement
    • Grade Change and Incomplete Change Timeline

Refunds, SISWEB, Canvas, Tax Information