Fabiola Addamo MBA 23

"This is the forward-thinking community I have been looking for! UC Davis models a balanced learning experience and I appreciate the sense of belonging."

Professional Experience

  • UX Tech Program Manager (contract) at YouTube.
  • Director of Business Operations, Bay Area marketing agency.
  • Program Manager - Vendor Manager (contract) at Google.
  • Program manager and Product Support Manager at Yahoo!
  • Program Manager at IMVU.
  • Senior Program Manager at the Anita Borg Institute.
  • Search Program Manager (contract) at Google.


  • B.A. Italian Literature San Francisco State University.
  • B.A. Classical Piano Performance.
  • Professional Certification in Graphic Design, UC Berkeley Extension.
  • Certification in Health and LIfe Coaching, the Health Coach Institute.

Student Leadership and Experience

  • UC Davis Graduate School of Management Women In Leadership, club member.

Fun Facts

  • I dream in languages I do not speak when awake (Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese, French, etc.)
  • I remember my dreams every day and I write them down. I have years of material!
  • I spontaneously get business ideas when I am jogging, in the shower, while driving, or in dreams.
  • I integrate creativity into meals.