Jessica Cheng MBA 23


Considering that the UC Davis GSM program has a unique approach with experiential learning and an emphasis on leadership development, I am able to connect with like-minded visionaries that share the same passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. As an ambassador, I want to promote the close-knit community that GSM offers and help other students to achieve their career goals.

Professional Experience

  • Senior Marketing Manager, Rakuten Americas

Student Leadership and Experience

  • Director of Signature Event, GSM Bay Area Student Association (GSMSA-BA)
  • GSM Bay Area Student Ambassador (BAAP)
  • GSM Bay Area Women in Leadership (WiLBA)

Previous Degree and School

  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts & Communication, University of Washington

Fun Facts

  • I moved around a lot since I was a kid - 25 times to be specific.
  • I used to be a graphic designer and a wedding planner - now I only use these skills for fun!
  • I can play two instruments, piano and flute.

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