Jyothika Mohan MSBA 23

I wanted a competitive environment that would push my intellectual boundaries and also inculcate diverse cultural experiences, the UC Davis MSBA program seemed to be the perfect fit for my goals and aspirations.

Student Leadership and Experience

  • Directors' Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) Curriculum Lead
    Head of Women's Committee at AstraZeneca
  • Student Leader at the Student Council (Undergrad)

Previous Education

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communications)

Previous Work Experience

  • Associate Consultant, The Operations & Research Division, AstraZeneca
  • Digital Strategy Consultant, Eggeaux Systems

Fun Facts

  • I enjoy baking exotic cookies and pastries.
  • I know to make pottery. Being able to work with clay and throw and fire beautiful pieces of pottery is very cathartic to me.
  • I'm a trained classical dancer.