Kristy Pahel MPAc 21

I chose the MPAc program because it provides challenging coursework that prepares you for life as a CPA, while still making the material accessible to those who did not major in accounting as undergraduates.

Previous Work Experience

  • Project Coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Research Assistant at UCLA
  • Kennel Technician/Intern at Guide Dogs of the Desert


  • B.A., Psychology, Political Science (UCLA)

Student Leadership and Experience

  • Studied abroad during undergraduate where I had the opportunity to be an intern at the Scottish Parliament
  • Studied abroad at Lund University where I had the opportunity to help in a psychology research lab

Fun Facts

  • I was a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs of the Desert
  • I visited 18 countries while I was studying abroad
  • And I booked my cheapest flight for $6