Meghana S. Kanthadai MSBA 24

Due to my engineering background, I wanted a program that would not only challenge me technically, but also provide a well-rounded education which is essential for my career progression.

Additionally, living in San Francisco provides a distinctive geographical advantage which leads to a wide array of job opportunities. Lastly, the UC Davis faculty actively promotes and invests in the growth of women in tech, making it an even more appealing choice for me.

Student Leadership and Experience

  • Graduate Student Analyst, UC Davis Graduate School of Management MSBA
  • CEG Alumni Association

Previous Education

  • Bachelors, Electronics & Communication Engineering, College of Engineering Guindy - Anna University

Previous Work Experience

  • Software Engineer, Securin Inc

Fun Facts

  • I love learning new languages, and am fluent in three.
  • I have a deep fondness for traveling to new places and I've explored seven different countries.
  • I make the fluffiest pancakes (especially post 12 am)