Muttika Chaturabul MBA 21

Muttika Chaturabul
Bay Area Part-Time MBA Student

“I came to the UC Davis Graduate School of Management with an intention to build a new toolbox and excavate what I didn’t know that I didn’t know about myself and the person that I could be. UC Davis provided me with opportunities to actualize my intentions in the presence of a strong community of fellow classmates and GSM staff who were my biggest cheerleaders of my journey in becoming the next version of myself.  And for that, I am grateful.” 


  • Bay Area Part-Time MBA program ambassador at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.


  • B.A. in social welfare, UC Berkeley.


  • Program manager at the UC Berkeley Public Service Center.
  • Program coordinator at the UC Berkeley Labor Center.
  • Elev8 instructor and AmeriCorps member for Safe Passages.


  • I spent most of my childhood growing up in Thailand.
  • At ten years old, I made a life-changing decision to move to California contingent upon petting an iguana.
  • Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like now should it not have been for that iguana.  


Muttika Chaturabul manages internship programs and develops student leadership at the UC Berkeley Public Service Center. She received her Bachelor’s in Social Welfare at UC Berkeley and is pursuing her Master of Business Administration at UC Davis Graduate School of Management (GSM).

Muttika fell in love with the community at UC Berkeley who taught her the value of love in action, a value she chooses to integrate in all her ways of being. Muttika became an ambassador for UC Davis because as a queer Southeast Asian woman immigrant from a working class family, UC Davis GSM welcomed, acknowledged, and validated her identities exactly as they were. Muttika feels seen at the GSM.

As an ambassador, Muttika hopes to be visible to communities who do not traditionally see themselves in an MBA program so that they too can see what they can be.