Vaaridhi Mathur MSBA 2023

I chose UC Davis because I firmly believed that within a year, it could facilitate my technical, professional and personal growth. Since joining the MSBA cohort, I have enjoyed collaborating with a diverse group of individuals in a sandbox environment, where I can pursue my passions, delve into new areas of interest and enjoy the experience along the way.

Professional Experience

  • Senior Data Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Student Leadership and Experience

  • Project Manager at Gain Credit (MSBA Particum Project)
  • Member of Women's Network & LGBTQ+ Ally Community at Goldman Sachs
  • Co-Founder and President - ArtPod, Manipal Institute of Technology
  • Head of Art & Design, The MIT Post, Manipal Institute of Technology

Previous Education

  • Bachelor's in chemical engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology, India

Fun Facts

  • I love dogs! I grew up around them and have helped with dog rescues as well.
  • I am an artist at heart. I have painted with different mediums, even eggs!
  • I love beaches and sunsets.