Adapt or Die: Platforms, Timing, and … Do Platforms beat Products?

It was a lot of fun attending Apigee’s “Adapt or Die” event on September 27 in the heart of San Francisco, and speaking on the panel “Who Ubers Who: How to Survive and Thrive in a Digital World of Mash-Ups, Matchmakers, and Marketplaces.” The best part was the 10-minute thriller movie “Adapt or Die” made by Mike Slade and starring Alexandra Grossi, whom I had a chance to meet, and featuring Apigee CEO Chet Kapoor as the muffin man! A hilarious and engaging way to get the point across about APIs, what Apigee is all about. Most of all it was joyful to observe the intensely positive “Can-do,” “Yes, or Here’s how” (rather than “No”) philosophy and exuberant attitude of Apigee employees.