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Your Career
Connecting you with your future

Our career development team work with you to pinpoint a career that is a natural extension of your strengths, abilities and skills. We work with you on your professional journey in gaining the skills and connections necessary to engage with employers/recruiters. 

Your Career

Proven Track record

Our experienced Career Development team has a proven track record of successfully assisting graduate students with their career search. 

We will help you launch your future as a leader in business analytics. You’ll also have opportunities to hear from and network with trailblazers who are pushing the envelope on business analytics and data-driven decision making. You will be ready to enable data-driven business transformation in a range of roles, including business intelligence analyst, supply chain analyst, director of digital marketing, manager of human resources analytics and revenue manager.

Practicum as Career Accelerator

During the Practicum course, you will have multiple opportunities to convey the business value of your work. Think of these opportunities as interview and career preparation. Part of the definition of the project’s success is for the company to ask you and your teammates to come on board. When companies pitch us their projects, this is an explicit return-on-investment that they recognize and anticipate.

San Francisco – Global Analytics Hub

More broadly, consider that San Francisco is the global hub of analytics-related activity and big data innovation. Check out the list of analytics Meetup groups just in a 10 miles radius of the city. There are events every evening where you can:

  • Learn a new skill
  • Team up with a co-founder to work on a startup idea
  • Meet and network with venture capitalists
  • Hear about new applications
  • Connect with employers with open positions

And, we encourage you to start attending Meetups and other events/activities even before you join your cohort in the fall. You’ll get a jump-start on your professional network even before you meet your highly talented colleagues, well-connected industry and academic faculty, and a program staff dedicated to your success and continuing to build the reputation of the high-profile UC Davis MSBA program.

In today’s supermarket of analytics opportunities, a savvy student will build his/her personal brand, develop and expand a professional network, and find at least one new opportunity every month in the dynamic Silicon Valley-San Francisco ecosystem.

The Graduate School of Management career services will be your active and committed development partner during the MSBA. Given our program location and orientation, you need to think big and entrepreneurially about your career.

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