The Economist Ranks Faculty Quality No. 2 Globally, MBA in Top 50

(Davis, Calif.) — The Economist’s 2021 Which MBA? survey ranks the UC Davis Full-Time MBA program and faculty among the best in the world.

No. 2 Global Faculty Quality ranking by The Economist

Overall, the UC Davis Full-Time MBA program is ranked No. 42 globally and No. 26 in the U.S.

The Graduate School of Management’s faculty quality is ranked No. 2 globally, up from No. 4 last year and a steady rise of 13 spots over the past five years.

The Economist’s faculty quality rating is based on the ratio of faculty members to students, the percentage of full-time faculty members with doctoral degrees and faculty rating by our students.

“I’m delighted to once again see our faculty recognized among the best in the world,” said Dean H. Rao Unnava. “These rankings reflect the quality of our professors both in terms of their research and our School’s educational experience. Every day, they inspire our students and are a testament to the value of the UC Davis MBA degree.”

The UC Davis Full-Time MBA program rose significantly in several of the ranking categories. Some key highlights:

  • Top 50 worldwide overall – No. 42 (up 19 spots from 61 last year)
  • Top 30 in the U.S. – No. 26
  • No. 2 globally for Faculty Quality – (up from 4 last year)
  • No. 11 for Personal Development and Educational Experience – (up 25 spots from 36 last year)
  • No. 23 for Student/Faculty Diversity – (up 35 spots from 58 last year)
  • No. 32 for Educational Experience – (up 16 spots from 48 last year)
  • No. 34 for Alumni Salary – (up 23 spots from 57 last year)
  • No. 29 for Alumnus Rating of Alumni Effectiveness (up 19 spots from 48 last year)

The Economist Which MBA? rankings are based on various components of importance among current business students and alumni who have graduated within the last three years.


The Economist ranked 90 schools on their full-time MBA courses, using responses to quantitative and qualitative questions from thousands of current and former MBA students. In all, 165 schools were invited to participate.

Data were collected during spring and summer 2020, using two surveys. The first was completed by schools with eligible programs and covers quantitative matters such as the salary of graduates, the average GMAT scores of students and the number of registered alumni. This accounts for around 80% of the ranking. The remaining 20% comes from a qualitative survey filled out by current MBA students and

Memory has been built into the rankings by taking a weighted average of data from 2020 (50%), 2019 (30%) and 2018 (20%) to provide a rounded picture of the school over a period of time.

In addition to the UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s consistent rank among elite MBA programs in the U.S., the global reach of The Economist’s results helps raise the visibility of UC Davis among the world’s top business schools and MBA candidates, especially in Europe and Asia.

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