Women in Leadership (WiL)

Women in Leadership (WiL) is an independent student club operated through the Associated Students of Management (ASM) at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

About Our Club

Our Mission 

The goal of Women in Leadership is to convene, connect, support, and develop GSM’s future women leaders and equip them with the tools to succeed through professional, educational, and social activities.

Women in Leadership will achieve this goal by:

  • Developing leadership competencies and creating leadership opportunities for women
  • Cultivating a spirit of collaboration and sharing success
  • Organizing events aimed at mentoring & networking
  • Striving to challenge the status quo
  • Gaining insight into and educating GSM women on professional challenges faced
  • Organizing discussions to help GSM women reflect on their own goals and status as they strive to move higher in their organizations

Board Fellowship Program

The UCD GSM Board Fellowship Program places students on the boards of partner nonprofit organizations as non-voting or adjunct members. The program expands the pipeline of qualified and experienced MBA students for future roles in business leadership. It also allows students to contribute their skills and time to help solve business challenges faced by partner organizations.  

Current Partner Organization
  1. Puentes, Stockton
  2. Watermark, San Francisco
  3. Yolo Arts, Woodland
  4. Developmental Disabilities Service Organization (DDSO) , Sacramento
Past Partner Organizations
  1. Eskaton, Sacramento         
  2. Passive House California, San Francisco 
  3. Valley Vision, Sacramento
  4. WEAVE, Sacramento
  5. Women's Empowerment, Sacramento
Program Update

This program is open to all UC Davis MBA students, regardless of gender identity, but was launched by the Women in Leadership Club in 2015.

This is a one-year commitment with an obligation of about 10 hours per month or less. You are expected to attend monthly board meetings and may be assigned to work on a project or business issue faced by the partner organization.

Reach out to WiL Co-President Molly Scott at mjoscott@ucdavis.edu for the application instructions. Applications are due May 15 and will be sent to partner organizations within the following week. 

Meet Our Board

Aynaxi Madhav MBA 2022
Aynaxi Madhav

I am a 2022 MBA candidate with a background in the Food & Ag Industry. I want to continue within the industry with a focus on strategy after graduating.  

In my free time, I’m an avid baker.

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Molly Scott
Molly Scott

I performed in orchestras all over the country as a classical musician before coming to the MBA program. I plan to leverage my drive to effectively communicate with consumers to become a brand marketing manager in CPG.

I love traveling, creative pursuits like drawing/painting, and once won a bronze medal at a beginners ballroom dance competition in college.

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Katherine Graham MBA 2022
Katherine Graham
Co-Vice President

I'm a Class of 2022 MBA Candidate with a degree in Sociology Organization Studies. During my undergraduate and first year at the GSM I was a student athlete on the UC Davis Women's Lacrosse team. I hope to explore opportunities in product management or sales after graduation.

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Surabhi Kaplay
Surabhi Kaplay
Co-Vice President

Before coming to Davis, I was a corporate counsel in India. I wanted to turn from a business facilitator to a business decision maker, so I started my MBA journey! I see myself taking up a strategy or marketing-based role in CPG in future. I am honored to serve you all.

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Emily Lipson Headshot.jpg
Emily Lipson

I am a 2022 MBA candidate with a background in Human Resources in the healthcare industry. I look forward to serving on the Women in Leadership Board to further opportunities for women in the GSM!

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Aishwarya (Ash) Singh
Aishwarya (Ash) Singh
Diversity & Inclusion Officer

An HR Professional with eight years of global HR experience in talent strategy, change management and transformation in organizations such as Amazon, GAP Inc., SC Johnson and AkzoNobel. As an aspiring global HR leader, I am pursuing an MBA to develop a robust base in business administration, which is a prerequisite for the field.

I am a professional squash rackets player and have captained the Delhi University’s Squash Team at the All India Inter University National Squash Championship winning the Gold Medal.

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