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UC Davis MPAc Introduces Forensic Accounting Certificate Program

Half of this year’s class opt-in for certification

Michael Ueltzen’s accounting ethics course now includes a forensic accounting certification option that gives students an edge in their careers.

2022 CMA scholarship students from MPAc program

2022 MPAc Students Win CMA Scholarships

Award acknowledges high-achieving students with interest in strategic financial management

Seven current UC Davis Master of Professional Accountancy students were recently selected as 2022 Certified Management Accountant Scholarship recipients. 

Harold Schmitz

Landing a Gut (Health) Punch with Artificial Intelligence

How AI can enable better health via food and make us better bosses of our bodies

Similar to how AI can help business leaders make better decisions about their operations and investments for better growth, AI can help consumers make better decisions about their food choices for better health and performance. AI can teach us how to be the bosses of our own bodies.

Maximizing multi-platform social media impacts

Maximizing Multi-platform Social Media Impacts

How does consumer engagement evolve when brands post across multiple social media?

Mastering the complex social media world is a lot like trying to get your footing in constantly shifting sand. It seems like a new social media channel makes a big splash every six months; meanwhile, algorithms intended to boost your exposure keep changing and becoming increasingly monetized.


Show Me the Money

“Even though it’s called the VC market, more and more of that money is not from VC investors,” says Ayako Yasuda, professor of finance at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management and Research Fellow of the Private Equity Research Consortium. “That

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UC Davis Graduate School of Management Celebrates 40-Year Anniversary

From 40 graduate business students in 1981 to 745 across all of our programs today, see how the UC Davis Graduate School of Management has grown over the last 40 years.

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Bad Company: How the BP Oil Spill Changed Social Activists’ Tactics

“A fundamental shift in the way they worked towards their environmental goals.”

Associate Professor Elizabeth Pontikes and her co-authors found organizations backed away from collaborative tactics on eco-friendly policies after the spill.

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Growth Dynamics in the Consumer Market for Battery Electric Vehicles

Exposure to electric vehicle technology at home and work can fuel market growth

Car makers claim to be “all in” on electric vehicles, and California pledges 5 mil. zero-emission vehicles by 2030. Professor David Bunch examines factors driving consumers to adopt the new tech.

Jar with Coins

Forget the Consensus: Beating Individual Analyst Benchmarks

Study shows strategic nature of earnings management

What's my target? Assistant Professor Paul Wong uncovers how executives manage tax estimates to enhance earnings and beat individual benchmarks.

Lecturer Crystal Coleman at UC Davis

Lessons from the Front Lines of Accounting

“Where the rubber meets the road with practical application.”

“I’ve been fortunate to teach and mentor UC Davis students from the inception of the MPAc program,” says Lecturer Crystal Coleman.

Accounting Professor Paul Wong teaching MPAc class

5 Questions for Accounting Professor Paul Wong

Insights and advice for prospective MPAc students.

“Accountants of the future will need to be more analytical in interpreting transactions and accounting information to make informative decisions,” says Assistant Professor Paul Wong.

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How Accountants Ended SPAC-Mania

New SEC ruling puts a price on risk

Professor Paul Griffin examines lax accounting practices that led to the SPAC frenzy of 2020 and a new ruling that’s putting the brakes on the craze.

Agriculture and food technology

My Passion: Harnessing Tech to Unlock the Mystery and Power of Food

Food & Ag Industry Immersion brings science and business together

Associate Professor Justin Siegel, our Ciocca Visiting Professorship in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, shares his cutting-edge research on sustainable food innovation to promote planetary health.

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Tesla’s Advantage: EVs Cannot Succeed Without Developing Parallel Supercharging Networks

Management scholars argue for platform model with both vehicle and chargers

Traditional carmakers are spending billions on developing EVs. But they should take a leaf out of Tesla’s books and invest in a supercharger network to support their cars.

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Google Antitrust Case Suggests Apple Should Be in Crosshairs Too

A leading expert in platform markets, Professor Hemant Bhargava believes the Google-Apple search agreement seems more like a damning indictment of Apple’s own potentially illegal business practices.

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Cell Phone Savings Calculator, Best Plans for iPhone Users

With the iPhone 12 unveiling, Professor Hemant Bhargava discusses the impact of Apple's new "iPhone every year" plan, and the range of plan contracts and coverages.


De-Risking Your Portfolio Without Giving Up on Strong Returns

Professor Brad Barber details underperformance of individual investors and how they can fall victim to what J.D. Gardner termed, 'behavior gap in investing.'


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Five Things You Need to be a Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times

UC Davis Graduate School of Management Lecturer Cyrus Aram shares his story, his lessons, his mentor and more in this Q&A with Authority Magazine's Charlie Katz.


Crying on a Zoom call

Crying at Work Can Be Even Worse Now, Thanks, Zoom

In smaller video meetings where everyone is expected to show their face, “everybody is sort of equally visible,” says Professor Kimberly Elsbach who studies crying at work.


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Handicapping Bonus Pay for Managers

One size does not fit all: Professor Shannon Anderson's latest research shows how subjective ratings can help motivate middle managers.