Seeing the Unseen: How Dreaming Big Can Change the World

The power of purpose, dedication, and entrepreneurship

The 3-person SchedGo team pose in Gallagher Hall
MBA students Dillon Hill (left) and Akshaj Aravind Raghavi (right) and UC Davis undergrad Henry Yu (center) won the $20,000 top prize and the $10,000 People’s Choice Award in the 2023 UC Davis Big Bang! Business Competition.

Born blind in both eyes, my journey from darkness to light wasn't just about regaining vision in my left eye. It was about seeing the potential in challenges and turning them into opportunities.

From selling cake pops door-to-door to setting world records, my story is a testament to what can be achieved with passion and perseverance. Every step of the way has been an adventure, and I've been driven by a desire to make a difference

Charities and World Records Lead to Leadership

In high school, I founded an award-winning charity, Gamers Gift, that used virtual reality to give hospitalized children a chance to embark on adventures they might otherwise miss out on. This wasn't just a project; it was a mission.

Starting with humble cake pop sales, this initiative grew to raise over $200,000 in donations. But life, as unpredictable as it is, has its way of testing our resolve.

During my undergrad years, my childhood best friend, Chris, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This heartbreaking news led me to establish a foundation that not only set three world records, but also found a life-saving bone marrow donor for Chris against a .006% chance of survival. This journey, filled with its highs and lows, taught me the transformative power of purpose and dedication. Today, I continue to help terminally ill individuals, like Liam and Lexi, to fulfill their bucket list dreams.

These experiences, though charitable in nature, provided me with hands-on experience in building organizations from scratch.

It was during these opportunities where I truly understood the intricacies of leadership, team management, and the importance of a clear vision.

UC Davis trio Henry Yu, Dillon Hill MBA 24 and Akshaj Aravind Raghavi MBA 24, join the Mike Haney podcast to talk about SchedGo, their innovative college planning app that won the 2023 UC Davis Big Bang! Competition.

Winning the UC Davis Big Bang! Business Competition 

As I pursue my MBA, I'm also diving deep into the entrepreneurial world. I'm the proud co-founder and CEO of an award-winning startup, SchedGo. Our mission is to enhance education and career outcomes for undergraduates. With thousands of users nationwide, we're making a tangible difference.

Earlier this year, we entered the UC Davis Big Bang! Business Competition, and declared the first-place winners and recipients of the People's Choice award. In total, we won $30,000 in prize money towards SchedGo's mission.

On the other side of the spectrum, my marketing agency, Cosmoforge, has been instrumental in generating over $500,000 in revenue growth for our clients, ranging from national retail giants to budding startups.

Each venture has taught me unique lessons, further shaping my entrepreneurial mindset.