Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Mike and Renee Child

College Honors 2021 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Recipients

Mike Child B.S. 76, a benefactor of the Mike and Renee Child Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, has been recognized as a distinguished alumnus by the College of Engineering for his professional and personal achievements.

Shrimply Blue Dog Treats - photo courtesy of Jen Schmidt Photography

How Our Dog Treats Can Help Restore Lake Tahoe

Four keys to grassroots social entrepreneurism

MBA alum Yuan Cheng co-founded Shrimply Blue to help restore Lake Tahoe. His team is on a mission built on trust and social impact.  

UC Davis wine sales graphic from UC Davis Magazine

Cellars to Sellers: A New Law will Allow UC Davis to Sell its Wine to the Public

To sell thousands of gallons of wine previously poured down the drain, the Department of Viticulture & Enology turned to a team of UC Davis MBAs for a business plan as state laws passed to make it possible.

Jill Holloway MBA 18 at the Oakland MudLab Café and Store

MBA Career-Switcher Striving to Live Zero-Waste Life

An email changed my professional life

Bay Area Part-Time MBA graduate Jill Holloway explains why she left her seven-year career at Chevron last year to become a co-owner of MudLab Café and Store.

Origin Materials co-CEO John Bissell photo at Emerge Summit

West Sac's Origin Materials Going Public in $925 Million SPAC Merger

UC Davis alum John Bissell’s eco-friendly bioplastics firm, which transformed through the Mike and Renee Child Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, will go public in a nearly $1 billion deal with SPAC Artius Acquisition Inc.

header - cloud computing

Cloud Certs: Opening New Opportunities for MBA Students at UC Davis

Are you cloud certified?

More than 215 students have signed up to earn industry-recognized certifications from Google and Amazon.

UC Davis Team - Kali, Jordan, Taewon

UC Davis MBA Team Helps Chilean Winery Strategize

Bringing ‘creative and bold’ ideas to break into U.S. market

Full-Time MBA students team up virtually with students from the University of Talca to help Hugo Casanova Winery in Chile break into the U.S. market.

Big Bang!

How Every Entrepreneur Wins in the Big Bang!

We’re proud to be one of 16 finalists

Sacramento Part-Time MBA student Teri Slack is co-founder of StarBio, one of 16 finalist teams in the 2020 Big Bang! Business Competition.

Editor’s note: A couple days after Teri Slack wrote this blog, StarBio won the $20,000 first prize and


An Entrepreneurial LaunchPad in the Empire State

Propelling our companies forward

Have you ever had an idea for a business and thought how amazing it would be if you could change the world?

Seven UC Davis students from four startup teams did just that when they took on the Big Apple, attending the third annual LaunchPad Propel 


Launch your Entrepreneurship Journey with a Big Bang!

UC Davis business competition celebrates 20 years of preparing innovators

When I first came to the Graduate School of Management, I had one mission in mind: to transform industries. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I put together a plan to strategically position myself for a key role in a growing startup.

I did that through


A Social Impact Lens for Entrepreneurship

Insights from Warby Parker CEO Neil Blumenthal and Blackstone Group President and COO Jon Gray

I come from a household of six people and 24 eyes—everyone in my immediate family, including my four-year-old sister, wears glasses.

Growing up, my frames were usually purchased from the optometrist office and had price tags in the hundreds; they

What's New at Business Schools: 6 Big Changes at UC Davis

What's New in B-Schools? 6 Big Changes at UC Davis

Perhaps it would be easier to start off by noting what’s NOT new in business schools globally. Business schools are ever evolving in response to changes in industry or shifts in regional needs, and also to remain competitive.

Long gone are the


Conference Ignites a Passion for Business, One Startup at a Time

If you want to go far, you must go with others

The annual Ignite Conference brings together students, CEOs and business leaders—and attendees get to see concepts learned during class in action. Over the course of four days in March, I toured four amazing companies, listened to thought-provoking