Unconscious Bias Training

Hosted by Women in Leadership Bay Area, Sacramento, Davis & Online MBA Clubs

  • February 24, 2021 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Making the Unconscious Conscious: Understanding and Mitigating Bias Course - Bias, in its most simplistic definition, is preferring one thing over another. Also, biases come into play in our impressions and judgment of people, especially those whose identities and experiences are different from our own.

This FREE session will explore how we make snap judgments about people by understanding our socialization that informs our biases. Participants will be introduced to theory and language in understanding implicit and explicit bias. Using personal reflection, experiential exercises and case studies, participants will gain greater awareness when they engage in bias and gain essential knowledge and skills in how they recognize and mitigate biases. This interactive training is designed to provide information and tools to help you in both professional and personal settings. All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. 


Mikael Villalobos, Ed.D., serves as the Associate Chief Diversity Officer in the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. In his role, Mikael leads important and long standing campus-wide climate and inclusion initiatives, namely, the UC Davis’ Diversity and Inclusion Education and Training program and the Campus Community Book Project (CCBP)

Frequently called upon by academic and administrative departments and units regarding workplace diversity and inclusion issues, Mikael actively partners with academic and administrative departments in implementing the UC Davis Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Vision by working with campus leaders in identifying meaningful ways to integrate the vision’s goals that inform practice and policy-making. He is a member of the campus’ Discrimination and Harassment Case Management Team that reviews discrimination and harassment complaints and counsels groups in identifying resolutions to conflicts and breaches in climate. 

Eric Sanchez, M.Ed., serves as a Diversity and Inclusion Educator for the University of California, Davis in the Vice Chancellor's Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Eric supports the campus diversity education program which includes being called upon by academic and administrative departments and units regarding diversity and inclusion issues. Having worked with UC Davis undergraduates in the areas of retention, persistence, and graduation since 2001, he serves as a strong resource and frame of reference for the intersection on diversity and inclusion topics with the undergraduate experience. 

Prior to joining the Office of Campus and Community Relations in 2018 he served as the Assistant Director of the UC Davis TRIO Scholars Program (SSS); a federally grant funded program serving low-income and first-generation undergraduates at UC Davis. An alumnus of UC Davis, Eric has been on campus since 1999 and has facilitated a myriad of diversity and inclusion themed workshops, trainings, courses, and presentations since 2002; including the Developing Deeper Advising Relationships series.