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For Faculty

Course Management

Instructional Resources, Facility Guides, Canvas and Course Evaluations

Course Management

Faculty and instructors will receive an overview on grading, setting up and maintaining course materials on Canvas, how to conduct and deliver course evaluations at the end of the quarter, and what to do in the event academic misconduct occurs at any point throughout the duration of the course.  

Instructional Resources

Project & Instructional Resources staff are available to assist with all course management-related issues or concerns. Staff are available at each location. More information regarding the facilities can be found below.

Course Evaluations

On the last week at the end of each quarter, you should expect your online course evaluations to be available to the students. The evaluations are an important part of the teaching process and it should be emphasized to the students that they are all read and taken seriously. The online course evaluations can be completed using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. You should request students to complete these either in class, during a time you set aside, or on their own before the quarter ends. The course evaluations will be open to the students for approximately one week. Instructions regarding course evaluations will be emailed to the students automatically and they will get reminders if they have evaluations to complete. Following the completion and submission of grades, you will be able to access your course evaluation information by logging into the system using your UC Davis username and passphrase.

Canvas Training Instructions