Project & Instructional Resources

Project & Instructional Resources staff are available to assist you with all of your instructional needs at the Davis, Sacramento and Bay Area campuses.
Any questions or class operation requirements can be addressed by placing a work request with our talented team.

Class Email Lists

Course email lists are no longer provided. The students in your course can be emailed through Canvas. You can use Announcements to inform the entire class or use the Inbox tool to send emails to certain students, sections, or the entire class.

Class Composite

Class composites are pictures of students enrolled in your class. You may also access this online. Faculty must log in via their UC Davis login and Kerberos password. Currently, incoming student composites are unavailable. You can access a photo roster provided by the campus. The GSM does not manage this system.

Please note: Visiting faculty do not have access to this system; please contact our office to obtain a copy.


Course management systems for all courses is created in Canvas by Project & Instructional Resources. All instructors will need to have a UC Davis computing account in order to access Canvas.


Syllabi are due two months prior to the quarter in which you are teaching. Email syllabi to All syllabi for graduate-level courses will be loaded to the course schedule in RaPs. Undergraduate syllabi will be loaded directly on Canvas.


Textbook orders must be submitted three months prior to the beginning of class.

Examination/desk copies and supplementary teaching materials may be ordered via our office. If the examination copy is for an upcoming class, please submit the request as early as possible.


Textpaks are a compilation of copyright materials such as academic journal articles, case studies, popular magazine articles, newspaper articles and chapters from a book. Textpaks are accessible online from and Harvard Business Publishing.

Project & Instructional Resources will help get a account created for you if you do not already have one. For Harvard Business Publishing, you will need to create an Educator Premium account, which we can help with as well.


Preqin provides financial data and information on the alternative assets market, as well as tools to support investment in alternative It is one of the leading global data providers for private asset markets. 

To access it from an off-campus location you need VPN to either GSM or the campus Library. 

For tips on using Preqin, please view this webinar.

The webinar covers:

  • Intro into Preqin’s Business
  • Our Research Process
  • Demo of Preqin Pro
  • Support Structure/Q&A