Resources for GSM Slate users

Welcome!  We have put together some helpful resources to assist you in getting started with Slate. 

Slate Resources

Glossary of Common Terms

A list of common acronyms, keywords, and other terms used in the Slate Admissions system.  We hope this is a valuable resource that will assist you to get acquainted with using the Slate system.

Onboarding Tutorials

More information on how access the onboarding training tutorials will be available soon.

Tutorial Topics

Slate Basics

Slate Everyday Workflow

GSM Admissions Policy

Slate Training Articles & Videos

Additional Slate training videos to go along with the onboarding tutorials to take your learning to the next level.

Slate Basics

Slate Everyday Workflow

Slate Queries & Reports

Marketing and Communications Guides 


Generate an event QR code
Adding Events - Step-by-Step Guides
Mark Attendance
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Attendance for ALL events (including personal and group consults) must be marked as "attended" or "no show" within 72 hours of event end time.
  • Failure to mark attendance within 72 hours will result in miscommunication via email to those who registered for the event.

Outlook Integrations

Add your Outlook Calendar to Slate for active scheduler sync

Add your Slate events to your Outlook calendar

  • Calendars from/to Slate will be updated every hour.

Connect your Outlook messages to a Slate Record
Inbox Gateway connects external email systems to Slate. By adding the private email address below to your address book in Outlook, Gmail, or other mail service, you can quickly add messages exchanged outside of Slate to the appropriate records inside Slate. To forward a message that you have received into Slate, you can either BCC this address on your reply or forward the message to this address. Keep this address private and do not include it in the To or CC lines when replying to a person. Messages received by this gateway will appear in the Inbox Gateway within 15 minutes.

SMS Text Messaging

Tagging 2023 Applicants in Slate