From Volunteer to Visionary: Leading with Legacy at Metro EDGE’s Emerge Summit

Discover professional and personal growth opportunities

For the last several years, I’ve volunteered on several boards that have aligned with my passion to help develop the next generation of leaders. Since 2021, I have served as a member of the Metro EDGE Leadership Council, which annually hosts EDGE’s Emerge Summit to support the careers and personal development opportunities for young professionals.

Last year’s Emerge Summit coincided with my first week as a UC Davis Sacramento Part-Time MBA student. Fortunately, I got a preview of the MBA experience in a breakout session led by Professor Stephen Garcia who presented about making a strong first impression as well as a pitching exercise. Eager and anxious about starting my first year of grad school, I was able to get a sneak peek of one of my professor’s teaching styles, which helped ease some of my nerves.

10th Annual Emerge Summit: “Leading with Legacy”

This year, I’m thrilled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Emerge Summit with the theme, “Leading with Legacy.” I’m also fortunate to be introducing our keynote speaker. As a UC Davis MBA student, I am eager for our community of young professionals to gather and inspire one another to take that next step in reaching what may be an intimidating goal.

graphic featuring Vanessa Errecarte at Metro EDGE
At the Emerge Summit, UC Davis Lecturer and MBA alumna Vanessa Errecarte will lead an engaging session titled: “Make Your Mark: Creating an E.P.I.C Personal Brand."

If you are considering an MBA, I encourage you to shake off those nerves and get a preview of the experience by joining the breakout sessions led by MBA students and faculty at the Graduate School of Management, which is the presenting sponsor of the event.

One of the sessions will feature several fellow Sacramento MBA students and another led by UC Davis Lecturer and MBA alumna Vanessa Errecarte. Her session is titled: “Make Your Mark: Creating an E.P.I.C Personal Brand."

I’ll be there, ready for the new school year.

Why a UC Davis MBA?

Starting the Sacramento MBA program 10 years after my experience as a first-gen, wide-eyed undergrad was a little intimidating. But I shook that off because earning an MBA is completely necessary for my personal and professional growth. Looking back after a year into the program, I am so grateful for the opportunity to pursue my MBA.

The flexibility of the UC Davis hybrid program has helped me to stay balanced as a student and working professional.

It has required discipline and has helped me to collaborate with my cohort when there’s been rough day, but I’m so glad I took this chance on the MBA program and myself.

When I am asked what I want to get out of the program, I frequently list 10 things, although I see the opportunities as endless. I want to teach, broaden career opportunities, further develop my management and leadership skills, and so on. It has also been a great opportunity to share with colleagues, family and friends what I have learned so far.

I hope you’ll attend the Emerge Summit. Join Vanessa's session and receive a UC Davis MBA application fee waiver ($125 value). See event details and RSVP.