IMPACT Project

Bitcoin and eco-friendly economic empowerment

Square Partners with MBAs to Dig into Sustainable Cryptocurrency Mining

Will cryptocurrencies enable eco-friendly economic empowerment?

MBA student Christine Dillman shares the challenge posed by Square: Create a financial model for Bitcoin mining that takes into account important environmental goals.


UC Davis Health Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • Determined resources necessary to support and sustain palliative care clinic based upon recent growth and projected demand; demonstrated impact and key variables in allocating resources and support, organizational structure needs and defining the value proposition of the clinic to the health care system.

Sacramento Metro Chamber

  • Assessed what employees are looking for at various stages in their career and how regional businesses are meeting those goals with an evaluation of KPI benchmarks used to measure employment opportunities, deployment of survey to address workforce needs in the region, and development of a KPI scorecard.

Indigo Agriculture

  • Supported the development of the company’s transportation management platform (TMS) through an assessment of competition, identifying points of differentiation, and recommendations for how best to position and communicate the value of the platform to customers.

Bayer Pharmaceuticals

  • Explored opportunities to partner with “hidden gem” universities and innovators to develop a competitive advantage for therapeutic pipeline assets.

Textil Del Valle

  • Performed market research, evaluated key competitors and tested consumer interest in potential products and brand concepts to assess overall market attractiveness and next steps for high-impact Peruvian textile exporter, developing a sustainable clothing brand intended to reach the North American market in 2021.


  • Provided updated framework for setting measurable, shared goals focused on enterprise-wide model transformation and strategic planning, establishing prioritization standards, and building processes to effectively review progress.

Blue Rhino

  • Tested hypotheses for industry improvements in propane exchange purchase and delivery methods, including product cost efficiency and product enhancements, and provided actionable strategic recommendations for leadership team to gain market share.

Salmones Camachaca

  • Addressed need of Chilean salmon processor to develop a digital transformation strategy; assessed current industry technological trends, researched key innovations and developed a method to analyze business impacts and a proposal for the prioritization of projected ventures.

Ring Central

  • Researched operational and functional key performance indicators to understand relevance of vital information to key stakeholders; conducted a market analysis of industry benchmark information and created a strategic plan for adoption and framework for presentation of new KPIs.  

Hugo Casanova Wines

  • Developed detailed go-to-market strategy for a Chilean winery seeking to enter the U.S. market including industry and market research and comprehensive recommendations on prospective import channels and navigation of COVID-related industry challenges.
Samantha Brill MBA 21 from UC Davis named to P&Q Best and Brightest

Samantha Brill Named to Poets&Quants 100 Best and Brightest MBAs

Recognizing her extracurricular activities, leadership and potential, Full-Time MBA student Samantha Brill has been named among Poets&Quants 100 Best & Brightest MBAs: Class of 2021.

UC Davis Team - Kali, Jordan, Taewon

UC Davis MBA Team Helps Chilean Winery Strategize

Bringing ‘creative and bold’ ideas to break into U.S. market

Full-Time MBA students team up virtually with students from the University of Talca to help Hugo Casanova Winery in Chile break into the U.S. market.


Wells Fargo

  • Identified attractive target markets and developed strategies in support of Wells Fargo’s goal to become a leader in mass market retirement savings.
  • Cleantech banking unit worked with student team to maximize market intelligence and developed recommendations to establish a competitive EV finance practice.

VSP Global

  • Proposed actionable marketing and business strategies to expand the company’s individual vision care line of business.

UCSF Medical Center

  • Developed a marketing plan to build awareness focused on the consumer (patient) audience.

UC Davis Health

  • In partnership with the Digital Health Research Center, explored new product targeted at the aging population wishing to be more actively involved with their health and wellness from home; assessed potential market viability to provide strategic guidance on development.
  • Identified and analyzed opportunities to develop specialized state-of-the-art training programs across myriad surgical specialties, evaluating current facilities and making recommendations for how they should be repurposed to meet the needs of stakeholders.
  • Explored opportunities to launch a University-supported business

UC Davis Energy Conservation Office

  • Conducted a complete analysis of methods, recommendations, opportunities, challenges and barriers for successful execution of a project converting the campus heating system from steam to hot water, supporting the Carbon Neutrality Initiative, which commits the campus to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.


  • Analyzed the IoT device landscape and evaluated potential paths to fill the most promising opportunities with current or acquired resources, and an assessment for how such an effort would integrate with existing Cloud and Mobility businesses.
  • Analyzed sales data, and interviewed and surveyed customers to identify opportunities in Software-as-a-Service products for Fortune 500 information technology supply chain services company. Developed sales and customer segmentation strategies to accelerate cloud services adoption.

Sims Recycling Solutions

  • Developed an implementation plan to integrate the S3i business model into the existing Sims Recycling Solutions operations.