Connecting Outside of Class: Davis Day, Speed Networking and Adobe Analytics

How I’m maximizing my MSBA student experience

a photo of MSBA students Amber Sillis, Maanvee Mehrotra and Ian Heggen
MSBA students Amber Sillis (left), Maanvee Mehrotra, and Ian Heggen take a group selfie outside Gallagher Hall at Davis Day, an event to bring together all students at the Graduate School of Management.

Maximizing your student experience at the Graduate School of Management involves more than just attending classes—that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The valuable connections you make and what you learn outside the classroom from others complement your coursework.

Beyond the Classroom

When it comes to cross-program interactions, the Graduate School of Management makes a point of organizing frequent events for students to interact with peers from the School’s other graduate business degree programs such as the MBA and Master of Professional Accountancy.

Even though our classes started just three months ago in August, we have already had numerous opportunities to connect with our peer GSM students. While the Full-Time MBA program is located on the beautiful Davis campus, and the MSBA program is in bustling San Francisco, there is no shortage of opportunities to meet and network with each other.

Earlier this summer, MSBA and MBA students united to build their case for entering the Adobe Analytics Challenge, an annual competition in which teams of students are advised by GSM professors to solve an intricate analytical business problem.

Additionally, we already enjoyed a lively reception on Davis Day on the UC Davis campus, a vibrant mixer event in the Bay Area, and an engaging GSM Speed Networking Event in the Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel in San Francisco that brought MBA and MSBA students together with many successful alumni.

These meticulously designed events usually start with workshops or panels to probe thinking. The GSM staff and faculty bring in alumni and industry experts, many of whom graciously attend despite their busy schedules, which demonstrates and reinforces the value of these occasions.

At these events, students have the opportunity to engage in open or structured networking. Students are encouraged to put themselves out there, meet industry professionals, and inquire about open positions at their respective companies.

Amber Sillis with fellow students sitting at a roundtable at the GSM Speed Networking Event
Amber Sillis MBS 24 (far left) joins fellow students at the GSM Speed Networking Event in San Francisco, which attracts both MBA and MSBA students.

UC Davis Staff and Faculty = Support System

Students receive customized academic and career support throughout the entire event through UC Davis staff and faculty.

For example, MSBA Associate Director Shachi Govil is just one of the many wonderful staff members who are on hand to help students prepare for these events and maximize their potential. She has helped hundreds of students land internships or jobs by assisting in resume writing and being a soundboard for elevator pitches.  

Meeting professionals from diverse backgrounds and companies are indispensable for your career growth. You never know when you will meet your next friend, colleague, or potential business partner!

Knowing how much I have learned from these opportunities; I would never want to miss out on attending them. As a student, I eagerly look forward to future invitations and the chance to keep paying it forward in the same way as our alumni.