Explore Innovative MSBA Practicum Projects

Videos spotlight projects in healthcare, marketing, AI-powered customer insights

UC Davis Graduate School of Management invites you to take an insightful look at the innovative practicum projects that teams of Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) students have developed solutions for partner companies and organizations. Learn more about how your organization can benefit from partnering with us.

Industry Partners

If your company faces challenges in areas such as marketing mix optimization, product design, customer engagement strategies, SEO, customer sentiment analysis, or leveraging LLM-based technologies like chatbots, our student teams are prepared to provide solutions.

Prospective Students

If you are considering a transformative education in business analytics, watch these videos to experience the real-world impact you can have in the UC Davis MSBA program. You'll see firsthand the breadth of our student practicum projects, from enhancing marketing strategies to revolutionizing customer experience and beyond. You'll also get a chance to connect with our industry partners, providing a glimpse into the potential career opportunities and professional networks available to you.

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