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Teri Slack in front of the UC Davis sign

Why UC Davis is a Great Place for Entrepreneurs

“Aggie Innovators” are changing the world

“This truly was the apex of my education—blending my scientific expertise with my business acumen and my entrepreneurial spirit,” says MBA alumna Teri Slack.

livestream retailer

Livestream Retailers: Why Hosts Should Sell with a Poker Face

Professor Prasad Naik and researchers from University of Tennessee published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that investigates the sales impact of emotional expressions by the hosts of livestream retailing. 

Work from Home Office

Why Your Onboarding Process Needs to Adapt to a Hybrid Workforce

A study conducted by Professor Kim Elsbach showed that maintaining work relationships is a huge challenge for remote workers, and people who feel connected with their managers (even if it’s through video calls and chats) are more likely to get

Finding empathy in health care

Real Change in Health Care Demands Innovation and Empathy

Cutting-edge biotech therapies, combined with hope, lead to healing.

A biotech entrepreneur, Natalie Makableh MBA 21 says we need more empathic leaders at the intersection of science and society. Read how she’s changing that.

Oil rigs and market fluctuations

Recent Court Ruling and Shareholder Decisions Add Pressure, but It’s the Market that will Drive Oil Giants to Change

Distinguished Professor Paul Griffin says the real force that will drive Big Oil to reconsider how it manages emissions isn't the courts or activist pressure, it is more simple: It has to do with making money.

Suzy Taherian

President of CFO Leadership Council Interviews Lecturer Suzy Taherian

Lecturer Suzy Taherian is interviewed by Jack McCullough, president of CFO leadership council, on LinkedIn Live as they look back on Taherian's predictions about the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and the future of finance.

Professor Andrew Hargadon Big Ideas

The Power of Empathy

"Empathy tends to transform your understanding of the problem," says professor Andy Hargadon as he joins alum Mac Clemmens to discuss the power of empathy in the business world.

Ash Singh MBA 22 and his horse, Quincy

Take the Reins: How Horses Can Increase Your Mental Health Awareness

Equestrian therapy at UC Davis offers natural healing power

Full-Time MBA student Ash Singh shares what it’s like to earn his horsemanship from the UC Davis Equestrian Center and how horses strengthen emotional intelligence.

SPAC image enlarged

How Accountants Ended SPAC-Mania

New SEC ruling puts a price on risk

Professor Paul Griffin examines lax accounting practices that led to the SPAC frenzy of 2020 and a new ruling that’s putting the brakes on the craze.

Dean Rao

Adapting Higher Education for the Lifelong Learner

Dean H. Rao Unnava talks with Andrew Hermalyn, president of global partnerships at 2U, Inc., about four major factors changing the landscape at universities and how life-long education has become more adaptive and flexible over time.


Trading Stock Tips on TikTok, Newbies are Deeply Invested in Learning

Professor Brad Barber says the surge of new investors during the pandmic is typical for a bull market as the expanding social media universe allows popular trading ideas to be quickly amplified—a recipe for more volatility. 

Andres Trillo Vice President, HM. CLAUSE

HM.CLAUSE: Finding New Insights to Agricultural Challenges

“We benefit from the external perspectives that challenge our internal optics”

HM.CLAUSE Vice President Andres Trillo blogs about MBA students and campus researchers successfully developing solutions in our Food & Ag industry Immersion.


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Homes for sale; a Financial Times image

Central Banks Should Not Target House Prices | Opinion

Professor Alan Taylor and his fellow economists studied house prices and interest rates across 14 countries and found that a one percent rise in interest rates reduces the ratio of house prices to incomes by about four percent.

Professor Tsai Chih-Ling portrait

Professor Tsai Honored with Distinguished Teaching Award for Graduate/Professional Schools

The UC Davis Academic Senate and Federation has honored top scholars campuswide, including Professor Chih-Ling Tsai for his excellence in teaching advanced statistics. His nomination letter, signed by 16 current and former students, talks about how

Agriculture and food technology

My Passion: Harnessing Tech to Unlock the Mystery and Power of Food

Food & Ag Industry Immersion brings science and business together

Associate Professor Justin Siegel, our Ciocca Visiting Professorship in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, shares his cutting-edge research on sustainable food innovation to promote planetary health.

Cars on the freeway

Expert Advice on Finding Cheap Car Insurance in California

Suzy Taherian comments on the risk profile and reinsurance options and cost of capital and investment strategies for insurance companies and what is the ripple effect on drivers and their access and cost for insurance.

Cannabis in jars

Cannabis Dispensaries Linked with Drop In Opiate-Related Deaths

A new study by Professor Greta Hsu shows a connection between cannabis storefronts and decreased deaths due to opioids.

Suni Harford, first female president of UBS Asset Management

Embracing Corporate Diversity by Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Research from professor Brad Barber, author of the study ‘Family, Values and Women in Finance,’ found that only 30 percent of recent finance majors were women, with fewer girls than boys pursuing maths, leading to a “math gender gap.”

Image of cannabis and opioids for Greta Hsu's study

Comstock's Magazine: Cannabis Dispensaries vs. Opioid Overdoses


Professor Greta Hsu has published a study showing that, nationwide, counties that allow access to legal cannabis dispensaries can expect a significant decrease in opioid overdose deaths.