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Show Me the Money

“Even though it’s called the VC market, more and more of that money is not from VC investors,” says Ayako Yasuda, professor of finance at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management and Research Fellow of the Private Equity Research Consortium. “That

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Global Consensus Needed to Develop Climate Risk Disclosures for Companies

Prof. Paul Griffin calls for a borderless mandate for company climate risk discourse in an article in the journal Nature Energy—a move in line with recommended actions from the recent UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

Poets&Quants founder John Byrne addresses deans at the WACSB

Poets&Quants Founder to B-school Deans: “Innovate at the Margins to Distinguish”

John Byrne praises UC Davis MBA Industry Immersions as model

Holding court with 46 b-schools deans, Poets&Quants Founder John Byrne pointed to the UC Davis MBA program’s Industry Immersions, which helps it stand out from other schools.

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It's Not Only the Pandemic That's Making Labor Scarce

Lecturer Suzy Taherian says despite a low national unemployment rate of 4.8%, there's a labor shortage in California involving both low-skilled and high-skilled workers due to numerous factors, such as childcare, more people working for themselves

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Our 7 Core Actions for Diversity

Bringing inclusion practices into the real world

Building on UC Davis’s No. 1 ranking by QS for inclusiveness, diversity and internationalization, the Graduate School of Management has a commitment to seven core “Actions for Diversity.”

Students virtually attending the 2021 UC Davis-ANA Data-Driven Digital Marketing Conference

4 Lessons from the 2021 UC Davis-ANA Data-Driven Digital Marketing Conference

Execs from Google, Blackrock, Univision and offer brand insights

MSBA student Julia Wallace tuned in to learn from leaders from four well-known and influential brands during the UC Davis-ANA Data-Driven Digital Marketing conference.

Competition at work

Yes, You Can be Too Competitive. Here’s Why, and How to Stop.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Professor Stephen Garcia says, “One of the dangers of a competitive personality is that even non-competitiveness situations can become competitive, and that ruins your experience."

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The Dark Side of Startups: When "Fake It Till You Make It" Goes Wrong

Professor Don Palmer explains how financial and performance pressures on startup leaders—like Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes—can make them susceptible to misconduct, until their "fake it till you make it" mantra goes wrong. 

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Private Equity Funds, Sensing Profit in Tumult, Are Propping Up Oil

In an interview with the New York Times, professor Ayako Yasuda discusses private equity investment companies that have pumped billions of dollars into fossil fuel projects, buying up offshore platforms, building new pipelines, and extending

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Bad Company: How the BP Oil Spill Changed Social Activists’ Tactics

“A fundamental shift in the way they worked towards their environmental goals.”

Associate Professor Elizabeth Pontikes and her co-authors found organizations backed away from collaborative tactics on eco-friendly policies after the spill.

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An Innovative Way To Pay For That MBA Degree

Poets&Quants’ John Byrne writes that Dean Unnava believes the deferred tuition program could increase the available pool of applicants by as much as 20% because it makes the Online MBA degree more accessible to candidates.

Valerie James, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

The True Secret to MBA Application Success

"The key to MBA application success lies beyond GMAT scores or work experience," says Valerie D. James, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

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87 Million Americans Will Look at Cars to Buy this Labor Day Weekend

The three-day weekend provided a big boost in car sales, and Professor Hemant Bhargava says that's due to three reasons: pent-up demand, extra money due to federal or state payments, and supply shortages. 

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Growth Dynamics in the Consumer Market for Battery Electric Vehicles

Exposure to electric vehicle technology at home and work can fuel market growth

Car makers claim to be “all in” on electric vehicles, and California pledges 5 mil. zero-emission vehicles by 2030. Professor David Bunch examines factors driving consumers to adopt the new tech.

Jar with Coins

Forget the Consensus: Beating Individual Analyst Benchmarks

Study shows strategic nature of earnings management

What's my target? Assistant Professor Paul Wong uncovers how executives manage tax estimates to enhance earnings and beat individual benchmarks.

Meagan Travlos MBA 22 and a lemur

Serving on a Board: How Women in Leadership Opened My Eyes

Finding female mentorship with the PUENTES board

Bay Area Part-Time MBA student Meagan Travlos served on a non-profit board through the student-led Women in Leadership Board Fellows Program.

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Sequoia's China Portfolio Hits Speed Bump After Tech Crackdown

Professor Ayako Yasuda, says regulation of VC investment in online education “fits the overall more confrontational stance of the (Chinese) government to take on the U.S. and assert its dominance as the global superpower,” and in turn, “puts U.S. VCs

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Distinguished Professor Paul Griffin Named Honorary Professor in New Zealand

Distinguished Professor Paul Griffin, a founding faculty member at the GSM, has also been appointed as an Honorary Professor in the Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Otago, New Zealand—the country’s oldest university and

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Why Livestreamers Should Sell Their Products with a Poker Face – Not a Smile

Research from Professor Prasad Naik suggests smiling or exhibiting other positive emotional displays while selling a product during a livestream makes people less likely to buy it. 

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Why UC Davis is a Great Place for Entrepreneurs

“Aggie Innovators” are changing the world

“This truly was the apex of my education—blending my scientific expertise with my business acumen and my entrepreneurial spirit,” says MBA alumna Teri Slack.