Work/life Balance

MBA student Kate Graham UC Davis womens lacrosse

MBA Student-Athlete Becomes a Champion On and Off the Field

“The best blessing in disguise I will ever receive”

Full-Time MBA student Kate Graham shares her experience winning a lacrosse championship with UC Davis, and how she balances her schoolwork.

Ana Parra Vera MSBA 20 leads Google Zumba class

Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month: MSBA Alumna Lands Dream Job at Google

How my Venezuelan culture shaped my academic and professional journey.

“Do you want to be successful? If so, help others become successful. It’s a simple formula,” writes MSBA alumna Ana Parra Vera, a recent MSBA grad now at Google.

Meagan Travlos MBA 22 and a lemur

Serving on a Board: How Women in Leadership Opened My Eyes

Finding female mentorship with the PUENTES board

Bay Area Part-Time MBA student Meagan Travlos recently served on a non-profit board through the student-led Women in Leadership Board Fellows Program.

Kim-Mai Hoang MBA 23 and her grandfather

UC Davis Online MBA Offers Flexibility and Real-Time ROI

“The genuine encouragement from advisors, professors, and peers has kept me connected and engaged."

“The Online MBA program allows you to curate your schedule that fits your timelines, responsibilities and professional goals,” student Kim-Mai Hoang says.

Tarun, Jordan and Kumar at Aggie Grad Walk

One Incredible Journey: My Six-Year MBA Sacrifice

‘Dedication and resilience led me to this moment.’

After years of sacrifice, recent Full-Time MBA graduate Tarun Chinniah finally received the pay-off he’d set out for: his MBA degree.

Henry Lee MBA 14 on the gameshow Master Minds

Who is "Henry Lee"? My MBA Journey and Jeopardy! Aspirations

Earning my UC Davis MBA changed the way I think.

Bay Area Part-Time MBA alumnus Henry Lee shares four big takeaways from his MBA journey, including a game show experience.

Ash Singh MBA 22 and his horse, Quincy

Take the Reins: How Horses Can Increase Your Mental Health Awareness

Equestrian therapy at UC Davis offers natural healing power

Full-Time MBA student Ash Singh shares what it’s like to earn his horsemanship from the UC Davis Equestrian Center and how horses strengthen emotional intelligence.

Online MBA student Fabi Addamo self portrait

Unleashing My Creative Voice at UC Davis

Creativity is a dynamic way of living life, not a job title.

First-generation immigrant woman and designer Fabi Addamo shares the meaning of grit as she joins UC Davis Online MBA program in search of starting a business.

Tarun Chinniah MBA 21 stares out at the ocean

24 Hours in My Life as a Full-Time MBA

Living a balanced life and enjoying all the little sips

A coffee connoisseur, MBA student and ambassador Tarun Chinniah keeps a meticulous schedule—with plenty of java breaks.

William on the coast

5 New Year's Resolutions to Enhance My Grad School Experience

Setting goals for better health and better results in the classroom

MSBA student William Ma shares five ways he seeks to improve himself in 2021 and beyond to meet personal and professional goals.

Brent Jackson MBA 20 in the operating room

Embrace Change—Luck is Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

“I was on the crispy end of the burnout spectrum, but I welcomed the unknown.”

From physician to hospital administrator, Dr. Brent Jackson (M.D., M.S.,) MBA 20 earned his UC Davis MBA at age 55—a prescription for further success.

Sheena Tsang gets ready for a run

A Day in My Part-Time MBA Life

Balancing work, life and earning a UC Davis MBA

How do you find time for it all? Bay Area Part-Time MBA student Sheena Tsang shares her daily routine from her job at T-Mobile to Zoom calls with classmates.


Parents, Here’s Why You Should Consider an MBA

“Even when family life feels overwhelming, I’ve enjoyed my time at the UC Davis GSM”

As a full-time professional and parent of three young kids, Wesley Chua shares why he took the leap to start the Bay Area Part-Time MBA.


From History Major to Accounting—as a New Parent

"I didn’t come from an accounting background, but I fit right in."

With a newborn on the way, Carl Stearne MPAc 20 decided to switch careers and joined the accounting program at UC Davis to help prepare him for the corporate world.


From History Major to Accounting—as a New Parent

I didn’t come from an accounting background, but I fit right in.

History majors have long faced criticism for wasting their time and money. But I have a different theory: We simply study the past to better understand the future, and in the process, we’re improving society no matter our ultimate careers.

As a