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UC Davis Master of Science in Business Analytics

UC Davis Master of Science in Business Analytics

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The UC Davis Master of Science in Business Analytics program is designed to prepare you to thrive as an innovative leader in the digital economy.

“In collaboration with industry partners and drawing on the deep expertise at UC Davis, we have created a distinctive curriculum that blends organizational effectiveness with computing and analytic skills. This synchronizes classroom and applied learning through the 12-month corporate project.”

– Professor Hemant Bhargava, Suran Chair in Technology Management

Program Highlights

The UC Davis program has a number of distinctive features in how it responds to industry need for managerial competence in analytics.

  • Blends data science skills with business knowledge and organizational savvy.

  • Recognizes and leverages the importance of a diverse set of skills in analytics work, by admitting students based on leadership in a salient skill set (quantitative analysis, computing, business experience or organizational effectiveness) and bringing them together in teams with leaders who have complementary strengths.

  • Emphasizes learning-by-doing and teamwork through a live analytics project with a corporate sponsor and faculty mentors. Integrated with your studies, the project scope runs from opportunity identification, to problem structuring, to solution, persuasion and implementation.

  • Inspires learning from student peers with backgrounds in analytics and humanistic disciplines, graduates and mid-career professionals, from the U.S. and abroad.

Specialized, Hands-on Business Analytics Project

From day one of the program, you’ll join a team to tackle a real-world business analytics project for a corporate client. The year-long project course gives you the opportunity to solve complex business problems starting with an analytical framework, collecting and analyzing data, extracting insights and presenting recommendations for action to the client company. Learn more

UC Davis MSBA Key Facts

  • Program located in San Francisco, heart of the Big Data revolution
  • This schedule enables flexibility for students who want to continue working part-time during their studies
  • Classes offered on Fridays and Saturdays, with additional programming on most Tuesdays.
  • Program tuition and fees for Fall 2018 are estimated at $60,060 and are subject to approval.
  • As graduates of a STEM-designated program, international students are eligible for up to 36 months of practical training

MSBA - Masters of Science in Business Analytics

Student Perspective


MSBA Student Perspective

“Part of the benefit of a business analytics degree located in the heart of the world’s innovation hub is that I have opportunity to interact with and investigate many unique industries that are keen to use data in new and meaningful ways.”


Big Data Revolution

Big Data Revolution

Big data has forever altered the way businesses operate, from marketing and supply chains, to competitive strategy and human resources. A tidal wave of data continues to wash over companies. The challenge is how to harness that flood to make informed decisions that propel firms forward.

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