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Sustainable Energy Industry Immersion

With the increase in global population, alterations in climate patterns, and the possibility of exhausting fossil fuel reserves, the challenge to produce, store, and distribute energy while minimizing the negative effects on our environment has become a critical determinant of global development and security. ​

Sustainable Energy Industry Immersion

Fast facts

  • Curriculum designed by both UC Davis faculty and industry executives to reflect the latest challenges in the industry
  • Classes with MBA students from Graduate School of Management, Energy Graduate Group, Environmental Sciences, and Environmental Engineering
  • Ten weeks of interactive classes on Fridays in Winter Quarter taught by senior executives from a select group of companies
  • Interdisciplinary team projects in every class to develop solutions to management challenges posed by executives
  • Scholarships ranging from $3,000 to $42,000 are available to incoming MBA admits for fall 2020
Bruce Karas, Vice President of Environment, Sustainability, Safety & Technical Information, Coca-Cola North AmericaKathy Hannun, CEO, Dandelion EnergyStudents discuss  business models and climate, fossil fuel and renewable energy issues. Claire Halbrook MBA 18

360-Degree Energy

This deep dive into the industries latest issues and trends prepares the next generation of leaders in this vital industry. You’ll have multiple exposures to significant challenges and will work in interdisciplinary teams to find solutions.

You’ll learn from top industry executives through live case studies about:

  • Global Energy in Financial Perspective
  • The Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Renewable Energy
  • The Complexities of Providing Electricity and Gas in Northern California’s Vibrant and Transforming Economy
  • Managing Water and Energy
  • Shaping the Energy Future with Our Customers
  • Changing the Utility Business Model for the 21st Century
  • Managing One of the World’s Largest Energy Providers Safely and Effectively in a Turbulent Industry

“The Sustainable Energy Immersion truly captured just how diverse this industry has become.” – Paula Avery MBA 19

2020 Executive Speakers

“It’s very engaging, very interactive… The executives who come here tend to have a dialogue with the class, as opposed to a standard lecture, which I appreciate.” – Mekdem Wright MBA 19

Sustainable Energy Industry Immersion