Why UC Davis? Meet 2023 Full-Time MBA Students

New MBA students share where they came from and their goals

There are many reasons why MBA students join the UC Davis Graduate School of Management community. With trailblazing faculty, a rigorous curriculum, premier Northern California location, small class size and the resources and opportunities at a top-tier UC research university, UC Davis consistently attracts the best and brightest MBA students from all over the world. Hear "Why UC Davis" is the best fit for members of our incoming Full-Time MBA class of 2023.

Sraboni Saha

Hey. Hi, everyone. I am Sraboni, Sraboni Saha. I’m from India. UC Davis chose me because I’m just not quite a number, but I’m an opportunity like I showed. That’s me.

Devin Cheong

My name is Devin Cheong, and I’m from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and I chose UC Davis because of the wealth of opportunities with the faculty and the support, and the extreme motivation for us to find a job after graduation. 

Allison Judy

Hey, guys. I’m Allison Judy, and I’m getting my MBA here at UC Davis, and I’m actually from Denver, Colorado. So, go Broncos. I actually did my undergrad with a B.S. in chemistry. So this is a huge career shift for me, but I’m super stoked and ready to do this.

Justin Dwinell

I’m Justin Dwinell. I’m getting my MBA here and playing football. I love to snowboard.

Temidire Dada

My name is Temidire Dada. I’m from Nigeria in Africa. I came to UC Davis just because GSM has the best faculty, and it has a small class size. I’m really excited about that. And also, I’m a foodie. 

Andy Collins

My name is Andy Collins. I am from the great seafaring state of Wisconsin. I’m here at UC Davis to get my MBA.   Really just to gain the knowledge and experience that the university has to offer. And then hopefully I’ll be able to help better my service, which is the Coast Guard after I graduate.

Simrun Bhandal

My name is Simrun Bhandal. And the reason I’m pursuing my MBA is because my dad inspired me to further my education and pursue my career. I love you, Dad. 

Changseop Yun

My name is Changseop Yun. I’m from South Korea. I’m here to nurture my leadership skills and learn from my classmates. I’m come to the U.S. with my family, my wife and my two kids.

Nahid Taj

Hi, I’m Nahid. I’m coming from San Jose, and I was born in India. I’m looking at MBA as a personal growth for myself, and I’m happy that UC Davis is giving me that opportunity. 

Xiao Huang

Hi, my name is Xiao Huang. I’m from Beijing, China. And then the reasons I came to UC Davis is the reputation of the Davis MBA program. As well, that I can meet my future business partners through my cohort. 

Sushmitha Kala

My name is Sushmitha. I’m from India. I’ve grown up mostly in India, but I’ve lived in the U.S., the United Kingdom and Australia as well. 

Ravi Teja Viswavarapu

My name is Ravi Teja Viswavarapu and I am from Hyderabad, India. I shout out a huge thanks to my friends and family who helped me get here. 

Dr. Reiya Sheth

I’m Dr. Reiya Sheth. I’m from India. I did my bachelor’s in medical, and now I’m here doing MBA. Bridge the gap between the managerial and the clinician side and ultimately helping the patients overall. Very excited to be a part of the MBA program. 

Minh Nguyen

My name is Minh Nguyen. I’m from Vietnam. The reason I’m here is to get an MBA and my goal is to work for a sustainable food company in the future to solve climate change problems.